Route America, Inc.

blazerSince its inception Route America has aggressively developed a network of professional pilot car drivers throughout North America.

Route America is capable of securing and coordinating the necessary pilot cars from start to finish anywhere in the 48 contiguous states and Canada.


How Does It Work?

As a customer of Route America Inc. several services including all rate negotiations, coordination from start to finish, billing processes and route surveys are offered.

Once an order is placed RA (Route America) gets to work. Using an extensive database developed by RA of time tested, certified, and insured pilot car companies throughout the United States and Canada RA is quickly able to locate the necessary pilot cars required for the run with the smallest amount of deadhead. This reduced deadhead allows RA to negotiate the best rates on our customer’s behalf.

Once the escorts are located and rates are negotiated a contract is made up between the pilot car company and the carrier to define the rates agreed upon. Then the coordination begins. Route America works with the pilot car driver(s) and the truck driver(s) to make sure that everyone meets up at the right time.

Once the run is complete the mileage is confirmed between driver and escort and all pilot car invoices are received and processed through Route America. Our customers receive one invoice per work order.


The Benefits of Using Route America

  • Time Saved
  • Escorts provided at a low going rate
  • Route America coordinates from start to finish
  • No headaches
  • Guaranteed legal, certified and insured.