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About Us

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The pilot car industry is characterized best as a loosely affiliated group of thousands of private contractors (sole proprietors) who network with brokerage companies to connect with and provide services to the specialized carriers.Picture14-2-2

Route America, Inc. was founded by Mary Simpson in 2005. As owner of Permit America, Inc. Mary recognized a need for a one-stop-shop where trucking com
panies could get their permits and pilot car needs met in one place.

Since its inception Route America has aggressively developed a network of professional pilot car drivers throughout North America, we are able to do this because of our unique brokerage business model. The industry norm is to take a percentage of the pilot car’s¬†mileage rate as the fee for organizing the load, Route America does not take this fee.

Route America’s efforts to treat both the pilot car driver and the carrier fairly makes us capable of securing and coordinating the necessary pilot cars from start to finish anywhere in the 48 contiguous states and Canada.


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